CRISMA Catalogue overview

CRISMA "Modelling crisis management for improved action and preparedness" is an European research project which focused on the decision support in the preparatory phase of the crisis management cycle.

If this is your first contact with the CRISMA project, we recommend you to start the journey by visiting the CRISMA Pilots area of this site, which presents the functionality of the CRISMA applications. Background information on the project goals and design, as well as the project deliverables and publications are available on the main CRISMA Project site (

One of the key project results is a common methodology and software for simulation-based crisis management training and planning decision support systems. Related specifications can be found in the  CRISMA framework architecture specifications. This web site, the "CRISMA Catalogue" is complementary to the architecture document and provided in the hope that it will be helpful for integrators, developers and researchers interested in designing and building similar applications. In addition to Pilot Applications, the site provides:

  • The Reference Applications tab, which presents the technology and the people behind the pilot applications. The presentation targets the developers and integrators and therefore concentrates on the implementation architecture and on the way Building Blocks and Models are used rather than on the user experience.
  • The Building Blocks tab presents the (abstract) elements of the CRISMA software framework.
  • The Models tab presents the (abstract) elements of the CRISMA software framework which provide some modelling functionality.
  • Finally, the Components tab presents the actual software which was used to implement the CRISMA Models and Building Blocks. The Components presentation also includes the information on IPR (ownership, licensing) and the contact information for companies, researchers and IT experts which supported the individual software components within CRISMA.

Almost all of the CRISMA Catalogue content is also accessible as an online book, which can be read sequentially, printed, or stored for offline reading. The resulting "Catalogue of CRISMA Applications, framework Building Block specifications and software implementations" is available at the following address: