Software Components


Software Type: Integration Platform

Integrating the various software components in a prototypic application can be a nightmare in a co-funded research project. More often than not, each partner will develop on its own pace, using different tools, programming language and even operating systems. Service Oriented Application architecture can help in a sense that each partner can also host own services and other partners only need to know the service URI and API. However, this practice may lead to development of the services which are difficult to install and therefore unlikely to be used by anyone except the service owner. This is where Docker comes in.


Software Type: Web service

CRISECON Service implements, together with the related UI component CRISECON GUI, the CRISECON model developed in SP4.

The key functionalities CRISECON Service are:

  • CRISECON Service should be able to take from CRISECON GUI numerical and text values related to world state and costs.
  • CRISECON Service should be able to calculate pre-defined cost indicators for response phase and crisis damage according world state values.
  • CRISECON Service should be able to transfer pre-defined values to CRISECON GUI and to save them to an external storage.

Cascade Effect Model

This piece of software allows the User to access the propabability of having cascade effect event chains with two or more

Insta Preparedness Planner

Software Type: Client-Server, Decision support

Insta Preparedness Planner is a decision support tool, based on existing situation assessment functionalities of the Insta Response product family.  Preparedness planning is based on creation of a pre-defined narrative (i.e. the Preparedness Plan) as a response to different kinds of emergency or otherwise exeptional situations.


EvacSim is a simple tool simulating the impact of resources allocated to evacuate people from a given area.
It calculates both the progress of the evacuation as well as the resource usage.

Composite UI

Software Type: UI Component

It is a software component for implementing

Configuration Component

Software Type: Wirecloud Widget

The configuration component is the core component of the Integrated Planning View. It has been exemplary implemented visualizing the Charts in the Debriefing View of the Reference Application for Exercise-Support in Pilot E.


Software Type: python module

The Python Shapefile Library (pyshp) provides read and write support for the Esri Shapefile format.

Exercise Worldstate Data Chart Widgets (Wirecloud)

Software Type: UI Component

Several widgets that display worldstate data from ICMM in graphical form (as pie charts and stacked bar charts) and in table form. Developed with AngularJS.

TDV Python package

Collection of modules written in Python object-oriented programming language.