Licensing overview

This page shows the overview of the licenses which are used in CRISMA. It provides a convenient way to find out which of the CRISMA components are licensed under a particular license.

Terms listed under "To be defined" (if any) are a bad news. They either mean that the component owner has not made up it's mind or that our documentation is outdated. Either way, this is not good for CRISMA exploitation.
Terms with dual licenses are usually a good news from the point of view of exploitation, especially the ones with "License 1, Other". They indicate that the owner is ready (and able) to negotiate alternative licensing terms with partners whose business model would suffer from the use of the primary license.

Licenses Components
GPL v2 (controlled OS) BasicIndicators (AIT)

cids Navigator (cismet)

CRISMA Catalogue (Drupal)

GeoServer (community-driven project)

PyWPS (Intevation)
AGPL v3 (controlled OS) Cascade Effect Model (ADAI)

Orion Context Broker (Telefonica)

Wirecloud Application Mashup Platform (UPM)
LGPL v3 (permissive OS) Cascade Events Configuration Widget (cismet)

cids System (cismet)

cismap (cismet)

Composite UI (TTU)

Multi Criteria Analysis and Decision Support Widget (Java) (cismet)

Multi Criteria Analysis and Decision Support Widgets (JavaScript) (cismet)

OOI Management UI Component (NICE)

OOI World State Repository (NICE)

Scenario Analysis and Comparison Widgets (Java) (cismet)

Scenario Analysis and Comparison Widgets (JavaScript) (cismet)

Scenario Evolution Widget (Java) (cismet)

Scenario Evolution Widget (JavaScript) (cismet)

Scenario List Widget (Java) (cismet)

Scenario List Widget (JavaScript) (cismet)

Worldstate Tree Widget (Java) (cismet)

Worldstate Tree Widget (JavaScript) (cismet)

Worldstate Widget (Java) (cismet)

Worldstate Widget (JavaScript) (cismet)
To be defined Component to be defined (AIT)

TDV Python package (AMRA)
LGPL (permissive OS) Configuration Component (Fraunhofer IAO)

Evacuation model (NetLogo) (TTU)

Exercise Worldstate Data Chart Widgets (Wirecloud) (AIRBUS)

Simulation Model Interaction Widget (Spacebel)
Proprietary CRISECON GUI (VTT)


Emikat (AIT)

EvacSim (Insta)

Insta Preparedness Planner (Insta)

Life Safety Model 2D (HR Wallingford and BC Hydro)

PostgreSQL stored procedure (PLINIVS)

Situator Training System (NICE)

VTT House service (VTT)
Apache v2.0 (permissive OS) Docker (Docker)
Proprietary, free of charge Dynamic Map Agents (TTU)
BSD (permissive OS) Leaflet.js (Vladimir Agafonkin)

OpenLayers (OpenLayers Community)
MIT (permissive OS) MapServer (Open Source Geospatial Foundation)

PyShp (Geospatialpython)
GPL (controlled OS), LGPL (permissive OS) TELEMAC MASCARET System (Eléctricité De France)
AGPL v3 (controlled OS), Negociable Wirecloud Charts (AIT)

Wirecloud OOI Commands (AIT)

Wirecloud OOI GIS Map (AIT)

Wirecloud OOI Table (AIT)

Wirecloud Simulation Picker (AIT)

Wirecloud WorldState Picker (AIT)