CRISMA Applications

CRISMA Reference Applications demonstrate how the CRISMA models and Building Blocks can be used to build various applications pertinent to crisis management. The presentation targets developers and integrators rather than end users.

Reference Application for the Resource Management Training Support

This reference application showcases the use of Mashup platform + widgets, Indicators and analysis services, Agents platform and World State repository in teaching of the crisis managers and assessing their knowledge. It demonstrates how interaction of users with a software system where various resources and population are represented by agent models can be used to assess and improve the reasoning of the decision makers in simulated (desktop training) emergency situations. The "educational" use of the application relies on the principle of trying out different strategies for resolving of a well-defined crisis and comparing the outcomes.

in Crisis Management (deskop) Training Scenarios and provides the technological platform for the Israeli CRISMA validation application (Pilot C).

Reference Application for Resource Planning

This is the Reference Application for Resource Planning. The main objective of this Reference Application is to provide what and how much resources are needed to provide the best response in case of a mass casualty incident. It represents local-specific constraints that exist, such as the density of hospitals nearby, what their surgery capacities are like, the distance between the local rescue bases and the incident scene as well as the level of preparedness of first responder.

CRISMA Technology Demonstrator

The CRISMA Technology Demonstrator is a prototypical application for demonstrating the capabilities of the CRISMA Framework regarding

  • Worldstate Management and Visualisation, 
  • Scenario Navigation and Analysis,
  • Mulitcriteria Analysis and
  • Decision Support.

Reference Application for the Earthquake and Forest Fire Domains

General Description

This is the Reference Application for the Earthquake and Forest Fire Domains. It represents the transferable wiring together of CRISMA Framework Building Blocks and Simulation Models (Software Components, respectively) without any pilot-specific logic. The main objective of this Reference Application is to provide a customizable, extensible and transferable example of a CRISMA Application for the simulation of natural disaster (Earthquake and Forest Fire) with irreversible damages that enables comparing scenarios in a multi-risk framework including cascading events simulation and the assessment of decision making choices and possible consequences in each foreseen evolving scenario.

Reference Application for the Nordic Winter Storm Domain

The Reference Application for the Nordic Winter Storm Domain serves as a technological example for one class of the applications which can be implemented by wiring the CRISMA Components (reference implementations of the CRISMA Framework Building Blocks and Models) together. It provides the software functionality which is required in the CRISMA Pilot A “Cross-border Emergency Crisis (Electricity outage in the far North)" and similar scenarios.

The reference application demonstrates the usage of agent-based simulations with appropriate models describing cooling of buildings and living conditions (life quality) in selected geo-cells within the crisis area, during electric power limitations and extreme low temperatures. The application has facilities for simulating the progress of the scenario, planning mitigation actions and evacuation resource allocations, simulating the progress of evacuations and the resource usage and evaluation of economic impacts. Choosing different setups and simulation scenarios, the operator can find an optimal solution to mitigate the situation. The solution is a combination of evacuation resource allocations and rationing of the availablitity of electricity, where the timing of the actions may play a key role.

Reference Application for the Coastal Submersion Domain

This Reference Application is based on the requirements of a storm surge induced Coastal Submersion use case. The main field of application is crisis preparedness planning and evaluation of mitigation solutions. Thereby, different storm surge events and their impacts are analysed under different circumstances (e.g. summer or winter, day or night) and under different intensities of events (e.g. stronger winds, concomitance with high tidal level). Then, the effects of different mitigation solutions are evaluated, and, eventually, also several decisions at different times.

Reference Application for Exercise Support

This is the Reference Application for Exercise Support. It represents a tool capable of supporting relief organisations in the execution and analysis (esp. debriefing) of field exercises. An IT-based gathering and exploitation of relevant data from the exercise and data visualisations for the exercise debriefing are provided to users of the application. A reasonable presentation of the exercise results allows to identify deficiencies and thus to identify measures for improvement. After the tool was used for gathering relevant data before and during the exercise, it provides essential insights in form of a debriefing view, which comprises not only a general overview on the exercise results, but also more detailed information on essential aspects related to the medical care of patients and the organisation of the operation (Bracker et al., 2014). The usability of the tool was evaluated within two practical exercises organized by the German and Bavarian Red Cross.

Integration of Wirecloud into native applications

This technology demonstrator is a very small and simple application that examines the interactions with a WireCloud Mashup Application when used inside a native C/C++ client.